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The Giving Place is where you make change

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Like many other people who support Mesa United Way and visit this site, you want to help people in need. You want to help at-risk kids get access to quality after-school recreational and guidance programs. You want to help families that suddenly are homeless due to fire, flood or foreclosure. You want to help homebound elderly people get nutritious home-delivered meals. And much more. But what do these services really cost to deliver? How far does $50 go? $100? $500?

Boy Scout Eagle projects help strengthen our community

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Mesa United Way is a long-time supporter of Boy Scout troops in Mesa, where scouting has deep roots in the community that go back many generations. One of the many positive values that Scouts learn and practice is community service. In a recent three-month period alone, 23 Mesa Boy Scouts performed service projects to earn the rank of Eagle.

Spearhead a food drive to fight hunger in Mesa!

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Are you one of those people who feel guilty because you're so busy you don't think you have time to make a positive difference in your community. Here's a suggestion: Just give Food Drive Specialist Melissa Forrester a call over at United Food Bank (480-926-4897 Ext. 213) and tell her you'd like to coordinate a food drive at your place of business or church. She'll get some information and tell you where to pick up a collection box and posters. She can even arrange pickup of collected items.